About Dr. Bushong
  Information about Dr. Bushong's philosophy and role in our community.


Services and Networking with Dr. Bushong
  Finding knowledgeable and compassionate providers to meet your transition needs is difficult.

For this reason, I have formed a network of medical colleagues where women in transition can get the advice and experience of professionals with years of treating transsexual women. I provide help with obtaining the correct hormones/medications and proper dosing for maximum effect, the laboratory testing necessary to monitor your progress and health, and guidance to let you profit from the experience of many women who have already transitioned.
How to Begin
  Most services are conducted long distance. No matter where you live, you can participate and will not be required to travel unless surgeries are involved. If you would like to begin, use this make appointment form to book a telephone consultation.
Frequently Asked Questions
  The most asked questions concerning counseling and other services are answered.
Practice Policy
  My practice policy describes appointments, cancellations and fees, as well as confidentiality issues.
For those ready for SRS / GRS / FFS
SRSmentor offers much needed help with surgeries
  The trials of transition often seem small when preparing for gender surgery becomes the next logical step—making educated choices with surgeons, preparing all the paperwork—generally making sure you do not have a bad outcome or spend days in pain in a hotel room. Now transwomen have an well-informed, connected, and experienced mentor on their side.  Make sure to visit SRSmentor when the time is right.
Hormonal Therapy
Typical Results from Managed M-to-F Hormonal Therapy
  Results from hormonal therapy may vary greatly depending on individual differences and how well your hormone program is managed.  This overview will give you a good idea of what to expect.
What is Gender and Who Is Transsexual / Transgendered
  Gender is more complex than the expression of maleness or femaleness. The complex journey towards one's own personal gender expression is explored and transsexualism and transgenderism are explained.

This article will enable the reader to answer the question, "Am I transsexual / transgendered?"

This landmark paper on the theory of gender was first published in Transgender Tapestry Magazine in1995 and later presented in 1997 at the Second International Congress on Sex & Gender Issues, co-sponsored by the Human Sexuality Program in the Graduate Department of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, and The Renaissance Education Association.

An update of the paper, The Multi-Dimensionality of Gender.
Gender Expressions
  Based on the concepts written in Dr. Bushong's articles, Transition is Not Therapy and Informed Choice—Finding Help in the Professional Jungle, both originally published in Transgender Tapestry Magazine.

Separate fact from myth—address key questions regarding transition: What is transition?  Is transition for me?  How and where do I find help in my transition?
Splendor of Gender Conference
  The Splendor of Gender Conference was the first of its kind conference that brought treating professionals and the transgender community together in a learning workshop.


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